ATÖLYE Architecture is a spatial strategy & architectural design studio.


We challenge the conventional architectural design practice to future-proof design of the spaces and environments–for and with people.

We build our designs on a foundation of a strong spatial strategy by blending service design into our architectural design process throughout all phases. This is how we achieve future-proof spaces making them socially, financially and environmentally sustainable.


ATÖLYE Architecture is a subsidiary of ATÖLYE, a design and innovation consultancy specialized in community-powered transformation. We are part of an immense talent ecosystem brought together by ATÖLYE, ATÖLYE community and kyu collective partners.


We deliver end-to-end architectural design services–unconventionally.


Spatial Strategy

The process of building the architecture program where we design the roadmap together with the users and document the needs.

What we do
  • Design Research
  • User & Stakeholder Interviews
  • Spatial Programming

Architectural Design

Our core architectural design practice where we execute our architectural design practice from start to finish.

What we do
  • End-to-end Architectural Design
  • Spatial Graphics
  • Furniture Design


The process of onboarding the users after the core architectural project process is completed and collecting the user's feedback to make necessary changes in the space.

What we do
  • Evaluation
  • Spatial Onboarding
  • User Surveys
  • Spatial Improvements & Revisions


CNVS is a furniture brand of ATÖLYE Architecture and created to meet the needs of new generation working, learning and co-creation spaces.

CNVS uses local, natural and certified materials to create minimal, ergonomic and inspiring designs. CNVS products are made from natural materials such as plywood, recycled OSB and locally-sourced metal. Primary goal is to adapt in shifting needs of education/work spaces, thus built-in wheels are essential, complemented with mobile accessories for lighting, acoustic absorption, writing and more.


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ATÖLYE Architecture’s creative team.

Our team come from diverse disciplines, backgrounds and nationalities to connect over shared interests, and grow through diverse perspectives.